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Situated in Industrial Cluster, Provincial High-tech Science and Technology Park.

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Hebei Summedchem Co., Ltd.



About Us

Situated in Industrial Cluster, Provincial High-tech Science and Technology Park, Hebei, China, the R&D area of Heibei Summedchem Co.,Ltd covers 1,200 ㎡and the factory area is 28046㎡. 

The company mainly engages in the R&D, production and outsourcing of biological and pharmaceutical intermediates and in the R&D and synthesis of heterocyclic boric acid derivatives, pyridine derivatives and polypeptides. 

Formerly known as Shijiazhuang Nasike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, it is now reorganized into Heibei Summedchem Co.,Ltd, which was founded in October 2016. 

With our backgroud and experience, postdoctoral fellowss have led R&D on original biological and APIs. 

Also, we have set up university-industry cooperation with colleges and universities in China.
Accredited by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015,  the company has a strong technical force, perfect testing method and strict quality assurance team. Our team is formed by professional personnel with senior industry background and rich experience and can synthesize new products rapidly and put them into operation. 


We can meet the requirements of different scale, from reagent, pilot and large-scale production.  Adhering to environmental philosophy of "green chemistry", the company strives to develop environmentally-friendly pharmaceutical intermediates and production technologies and do ustomost to solve problems on "safety" and "stability" of raw materials in the research and production for clients. 

In future, the company will further expand service content and improve service capacity so as to offer the clients "high-quality", "stable" and "cost-effective" products and services. We sincerely welcome domestic and overseas clients to call us for more information.


Founded in 2016


R & D center area of 1200 square meters


66 existing employees


professional standard laboratories
Hebei Summedchem Co., Ltd.
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