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Safety and environmental protection

1.Safety:  Summedchem’s slogan is  “Safety first, Second is Safety…”.

 (1)In Summedchem, the safety is most important in all works(Including R&D,Pilot of Cooperater  ).Our employee are required to learn fire safety knowledge.  And conduct the  fire drills once every year.  

 (2)In Summedchem,We required all the employee to learn: how to pre-evaluatethe dangerous of every reaction(Including: Raw materials,Products,Teperatures,Exothermics etc) .They must be comprehend all of these before they start to synthesis  compounds.

 (3)Before producing the product in pilot. They must be know the risk of process,reactions and all the materials etc.And trained the employee of pilot to operate Raw materials ,Process,products. Make the risks under control.


(1)Summedchem don’t cooperate with the factory which have not the EIA.
(2)For Summedchem, as a R&D organizition,we signed the waste treatment protocol with the institution of  National certification. 


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