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Situated in Industrial Cluster, Provincial High-tech Science and Technology Park.

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SUMMEDCHEM’s expertise is in research and scaling up new products, which  requires temperatures as low as -90°C and others.
In order to provide high quality materials safely and very short lead times, Projects from clients are approached carefully and thoroughly to identify efficient chemical processes for scale-up . The evaluation of final processes at SUMMEDCHEM are run to insure that the reaction can be controlled, and key impurities are identified to determine if they have the potentiality to cause problems in the isolation of the product.

SUMMEDCHEM are also able to work either from established chemistry provided in technical packages or by custom design in order to synthesize specified targets. Our clients can be assured that this research activity will always be carried out under the strictest confidentiality.Once the program is implemented in SUMMEDCHEM, complete updates allow the customer to monitor progress closely.


Halogen dance Heck's reaction
Hoffman rearrangemen Boronic acid chemistry
Indole synthesis Michael addition
Condensation Pyridine chemistry
Sandmeyer reaction Suzuki coupling
Grignard reaction Handling n-BuLi down to -90°C
Vilsmeier reaction Halide exchange
Wittig reaction  

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