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Situated in Industrial Cluster, Provincial High-tech Science and Technology Park.

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Hebei Summedchem Co., Ltd.




Summedchem have own investment factory(Building Now,36000m2,Ningjin Salt Chem Industrial Park), and we have own a joint venture factory for our products. (ISO9001,140001.etc.GMP-Like)

We produce the “especially” Raw material(Fluorate Chemistry) and the “especially” products(Cyanate&PhotoChlorate Chemistry)  in our cooperate companys. In the period of production, all the process have staff full tracking and monitoring from Summedchem Pharmaceutical  to make sure the Process and time under control. 


Summedchem have two bases of cooperate factorys. 
1.FuXin factory(JV)
   Raw material produce& Scale up(Fluorate Chemistry) 
   Area:  20,000m2;
   Empolyee: 73 persons;
   Office: 11 Persons;
   Pilot Area: 2000m2;
   The Max Reactor:5000L;

2. Liaoning Factory:
  Fluorate Chemistry&Scale up Products to tons(Cyanate&PhotoChlorate Chemistry) 
  Area:  45,000m2;
  Empolyee: 80 persons;
   Pilot Area: 3600m2;
  The Max Reactor:5000L;


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